Don’t be a victim to scrapers republishing and earning from your original content!

Most bloggers are unaware of their rights as publishers. The moment you publish a blog post, it is considered copyright by you as the original author, unless you explicitly state otherwise. However, the moment you publish an article, it is also prone to copying and reposting elsewhere. You become a victim of copyright infringement.

You have rights!

Content scraping is one of the biggest headaches a blogger faces. Once you hit that publish button, your articles are prone to automatic copying and republishing by not-so-trustworthy websites who do not link back. Some of these scrapers even earn from your hard work by slapping on some advertisements, text links or affiliate links on their own sites, as if it were their own.

Our copyright management services does two things:

  1. Our copyright expert will track down websites, blogs, forums and other online services that copy your content in full or in partial without proper attribution. We will then send you a report of these, with a suggested course of action;
  2. If you wish not to act on these copyright violations yourself, we can initiate takedown notices with the erring publishers and their hosting providers. You will only be charged for successful takedown requests.

Initiating DMCA takedown notices does take time, effort and a lot of patience. So why not let us take care of these for you, so you can avoid these hassles and focus on what you do best?

I’m interested! What now?

Order our copyright management services from the order page, and we’ll get back to you asking for more details. If you have questions, please feel free to contact us.